Posted by: emmymichellescott | April 6, 2012

I will follow.

There is a village tucked away in the mountains of Guatemala named Yulmacap. The Guatemalan’s in Yulmacap do not speak spanish. They speak a Mayan dialect, Q’anjobal. They all wear traditional Mayan garb and are so secluded that hardly anyone ever leaves the village. It is beautiful, so I completely understand why no one leaves.  The mountains shoot straight up and the deep blues of the sky splash against them like a water painting. A dirt road winds down the mountain into the village. You can feel the breath of God in the atmosphere.

     It took our team eight hours to reach Yulmacap. Two of those hours were spent standing in the bed of a truck bumping over dirt roads. My hands have never been so sore (I was holding on for dear life)!  I was thankful to hop out of the truck and be on solid ground. As we gathered our belongings, we learned of where we were going to be staying, inside a school with doors that didn’t lock and a couple of wood slabs to “separate” the boys from the girls. Next, we found out that we would be sleeping on wood slabs and concrete blocks. I am going to be honest, I was not thrilled. It gets even better, there was no running water. Although I was surrounded by amazing natural beauty, I was concerned about where God had brought me. I thought, “I am going to have to stay here for five days?!” I knew it was going to be a tough week and I absolutely needed his presence and strength to make it happily through. Well let me tell you, God pulled through. (Like he always does).
     First, the scenery brought an overwhelming peace to me. Even though the people in Yulmacap did not have material items, they were blessed beyond belief with gorgeous surroundings. I could have spent days exploring what that village had to offer. But most importantly, I met a girl named Andrea who completely humbled me.  She was our translator. 24/7 she would be there to translate our shaky Spanish into Q’anjobal. Andrea is a thirteen year old girl with a passion to serve God. Her willingness to serve whenever and where ever inspired me. She left the comforts of her home to help us communicate the love of Christ. Why was I not completely willing to serve like Andrea? Well, she was following God with her entire heart. I was not. That week in Yulmacap, I decided that everything I do was going to be because I am following the Lord. On our drive out of the village Andrea taught me a song in Q’anjobal. Ironically the words are, I will follow, I will follow Jesus. Where ever he goes, I will follow.
    Whenever I am having a hard time following, whenever I try to lead, God gently reminds me the words of that song, the promise I made to him.
“Tsuna Tsuna ni, Gintac Jesus Cristo. Tacani gintac ni guaylomal.”


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    I wanted to reblog this story onto my blog at because it tells a true adventure in Guatemala. One of faith and unique experiences. Also, I wanted to share my little sister’s powerful story.

  2. Thank you, I hadn’t read this one. It is beautiful the way God works in our lives.

  3. you are awesome! love you!

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